Submerge into the unknown!

This game offers completely different approach to adventure gaming while discovering what is the Dreamatorium and how was it created. Meet the world of the alternative reality, twisted relationships and automaton uprising! While the technology prevails in this setup, the human factor, that unpredictable wrench in the cogs of the progress, is yet again destined to stir thing up, and resolve them in the neverending circle.

Once upon a time, in the world where the wild automatons roam...

These plants know more than they are willing to sprout. But they're pretty down to earth.

See this? This is the thread of our story. Pick it up, and follow it carefully.

See those buildings? They can probably see you too.

Mystery 101: Use this to untangle yourself from the deep web that is our little mystery.

The only fires burning in these parts are those of freedom! Freedom of oppression!

Don't be fooled by the weathered old apartment! Our society is based on what's outside.

NOTE: Find the highlighted parts of the image and click to see the description.

Dear automaton assembly!