With great power comes great responsibility

With great dreams – anything is possible. Imagine, dream if you like, that all of a sudden you can feel the treads of the Universe spiral down yourself, empowering you to change the plan of Destiny. Engage in this mystery and find out where did dr. Magnus disappear, discover your dreams, and learn to confront the enigma that is reality in this splendid HO game.

It's always refreshing to enter an empty candy store in the middle of your case-solving! But beware!

These may look like presents, but they're actually mind reading devices. Think of something beautiful, quick!

Try not to think of what kind of expertise these twisted people have.

My detective reasoning can deduce that this room serves for wizard props and equipment. Fat chance in this particular Universe.

Don't be fooled by these perfect candy arrangements. They are used to transmit subliminal messages through the colour adjustment.

Barrels of fun! Or are they?

Colour green is often used to depict a poisonous item. Care for a candy?

NOTE: Find the highlighted parts of the image and click to see the description.

In case you didn’t notice, you are dreaming now…