Two Desperados: Mobile Game Development Company

Designing Games and Technology

That Suit the Player

Our vision is to design games and technology that puts players at the center of a cutting-edge gaming experience.

As desperados, we embrace risk. For us, there are no shortcuts and no easy ways out. We always try to challenge the current play-field by making creative breakthroughs with each new title. Our values are based on honesty – we aspire you to be persistent, confident and curious.

Who We Are

What is the future like?

Humane technology is an essential part of the future we’d like to live in. This is why the AI team at Two Desperados is in the spotlight of our business development.

Tech & AI

What are we creating?

Leading casual mobile games in the marble shooting universe with 30 millions players worldwide. Passionate about mobile games from day one, our studio has new digital products in store.


What is YOUR future like?

We shoot for the moon together while taking our personal autonomy seriously. It’s not all fun and games, but we enjoy every second of it and with our team – so will you.

Culture & Hiring