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Tech at Core

Fun at Heart

Two Desperados is an independent game development studio based in Belgrade. Well known for creating #1 marble shooter games – Woka Woka and Viola’s Quest – we’ve hit 30 million players.

With over 80 employees and external consultants, we are exploring the usage of artificial intelligence in gaming and therefore, place innovation at the core of our business development.


The first few years of Two Desperados studio were marked by trial and error. You fail fast, you pick yourself up faster, you gain irreplaceable experience along the way. We tried our luck with different types of mobile games and took on some client-based work in order to stay afloat.


In 2016, we published our first marble shooter title, Woka Woka. Due to its rapid success and the growth of its user base, another title – Viola’s Quest – was released two years later.


With two casual, free to play games for mobile devices, the route was set for transformative and accelerated growth of the company both in the domains of user acquisition and hiring.


In parallel with continuous efforts of applying AI models into our games, we started working on our third title, which is currently in soft launch phase.

What lies ahead?

Our passion was the main driving force behind building a gaming studio from scratch. We trusted our instincts, while imagining and creating games we are proud of today.

Now that we know how to make a successful game, we are moving forward. Utilizing the best of what technology has to offer, teaming up with data analysts and envisioning the future — we are opening our AI chapter.

Tech & AI

Where to find us?

Our offices are located in a former textile factory, transformed into an office space with a view of the Belgrade fortress. Not exactly where and how we started, but we surely always dreamt about having an office overlooking one of the city’s most important cultural landmarks.

You can find us at the Kalemegdan Business Center.