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The first few years of Two Desperados studio were marked by trial and error. You fail fast, you pick yourself up faster, you gain irreplaceable experience along the way. We tried our luck with different types of mobile games and took on some client-based work in order to stay afloat.


In 2016, we published our first marble shooter title, Woka Woka. Due to its rapid success and the growth of its user base, another title – Viola’s Quest – was released two year later.


With two casual, free to play games for mobile devices, the route was set for transformative and accelerated growth of the company both in the domains of user acquisition and hiring.


In parallel with continuous efforts of applying AI models into our games, we soft launched our third title – MuffinVille, the newest renovation puzzle game.

Woka Woka

Woka Woka is our signature title thanks to millions of players worldwide. Woka Woka quickly rose to ranking Number 1 among marble shooting games for mobile devices. Our team of developers and artists are always fueled by our players, as they strive to create the best kind of Woka gaming experience possible!

Viola’s Quest

With its compelling visuals and storyline, Viola captivated the attention of casual gamers who wanted to put their marble shooting skills to the test. With every level passed, we share our passion with our players in making Viola’s gaming experience the utmost fun it can be!

Muffinville: Marble Manor

Muffinville is the latest game that’s been in soft launch since the beginning of 2021. We’re excited to push the envelope further in creating new stories and gaming worlds for our players!