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Software Engineers: Room for Ideas in Gaming industry

As an HR recruiter, I spend a lot of hours during my working day in job interviews with potential new team members. Recruiters are the first points of contact for candidates, so one of my tasks is to clearly communicate the values, vision and benefits of working at a gaming studio.

I cross paths with candidates who would like to transfer to gaming from different sectors within the IT industry, software engineers being the most frequent flyers 🙂 

We are often on the lookout for software engineers, since the need for this particular skill set is always present. However, transferring over to the gaming industry depends on a lot of factors, such as a love for gaming, personal interest, a pursuit for the liberty of creation and of course, an aptitude to learn and grow further.

At Two Desperados, there are several software engineers who have switched to the gaming industry, so in the next couple of paragraphs I will share why working in this domain represents a unique opportunity. 

The job is not dull and people are there because they love it

Working in the gaming industry is everything but boring. This is especially true for those who are passionate about playing games. Working on developing games that are fun to play makes the job even more attractive. In general, gaming companies draw the attention of people who enjoy what they do and aim to create the best product. Therefore, one of the biggest advantages of working at a gaming company is that you will be surrounded by those who are passionate, devoted and find enjoyment in their work.

Software engineers participate in the process of product creation and have more significant insight into it

Perhaps this is the biggest difference in comparison with other sectors, software engineers in the gaming industry have more freedom when it comes to ideation. From the beginning they participate in the decision making process, have more liberty and responsibility to plan and realize ideas. The latter is specific to Two Desperados and it represents our work culture.

Every change to the product is visible

Changes and improvements are instantly visible, which is often labeled as satisfying by my colleagues from development. Their work has clear results.

Alongside these aforementioned advantages, one of the most significant perks is that by transferring to the gaming industry, engineers can gain exposure to  different career paths within the scope of creative industries. Opportunities to learn and grow are endless and one of the first stops is learning Unity.

Vanja Mihailović Recruiter