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Hiring Process for Software Engineers

Two Desperados office space – Photo credits: Playing Narratives (Serbian Games Association)

Everyone feels differently about looking for a new job and attending interviews, but what everyone has in common is a sense of uncertainty. No matter how experienced we are, we have no way of knowing what is at the end of the process we are about to embark on. From the perspective of someone who is on the other side, I will try to shed some light on the hiring process for software engineers at Two Desperados.

2020 was a very important year for us. We started working on a new product launch and doubled the number of our employees. At the same pace of the company’s development, we worked on building a more advanced hiring process. My goal was to make the necessary adjustments to the process according to different roles and situations, having in mind the internal standards we’ve put in place as well as the uniqueness of every candidate.

Software engineers who would like to become a part of our development team can expect three phases in the hiring process:

I Getting to know each other: honesty is key

Honesty is the correct formula for this phase. I do my best to present the values, work culture and what the company offers to its employees. Openness and the freedom to pose questions is vital because then I know we have established trust. . This is also the moment you can use to share how you see your personal and professional development. Maybe the view of your future is what we have in common 🙂

II Technical assessment: testing your knowledge and coordination with our engineers

During this phase we test your technical knowledge and skills. You will get a glimpse of the type of tasks you might encounter working at Two Desperados and you will have an opportunity to show how you tackle them.. You will also be  in contact with a team of software engineers who are also a part of the hiring process. Even though the emphasis  is on the technical side, communication plays an important role here. Feel free to share how the process is going, what challenges you encounter and ask questions. In conclusion, there is no need to be a lone gunner during the technical assessment phase because you will never play that role as a part of the team either way.  

III The final phase: meet the team and check if we are the work environment you are looking for

In this phase you will get first hand experience with  the development team, their organization and work culture. This period is ideal for harmonization and clarification of all questions that might have popped up during the hiring process. I advise you to be mindful of the values that were communicated on our end and to evaluate if they correspond with what you believe in, as this might help you make the final decision. 

The process of hiring software

engineers is a two way street.

Every phase is designed to incite communication between both parties: making it possible for candidates to showcase their previous experience, but also letting  them know everything they need to know about the role they are applying for. Transparency from both sides is of great importance for a successful hire and for your future job at Two Desperados. There is no place for fear or anxiety, we have the same goal—to create products we are proud of. 

Vanja Mihailović Recruiter