A Good Team Always Focuses on the Quality of the Gaming Experience

A Good Team Always Focuses on the Quality of the Gaming Experience

Whatever you do, you have got to go all in. I live by this every day, from the moment I decided to quit my business in web design and turn to gaming full time, to the moment Two Desperados envisioned its path of stepping into AI in gaming.

As game developers, our focus is always on the player, the product and merging the two into a quality gaming experience—which is why we often ask ourselves what does quality experience mean in today’s gaming landscape?

The answer to that question seems to present itself in the form of AI.

After a few pivotal moments that turned Two Desperados into a fast growing company over the last few years, we realized that both our vision and duty towards players extended further than what we initially started from.

As our products grew in popularity, the bar of expectations rose. We learned from our mistakes, we picked up the pace. And yet, I’m not going to say that dedication and hard work certainly pay off, because that’s not always the case—A doesn’t always lead to B. It’s rather a combination of many things, from intuition to curiosity; from persistence to the ability to let go of things that don’t work.

And the common denominator of it all is a good team and focus. A team that shares the same drive, enjoys all aspects of life, strives to be the owners of their decisions.

We enjoy making games that people enjoy playing. That’s our thing. AI is just an integral part of creating the best kind of experience for the player.

But as we gaze into the future of where the gaming industry could be heading next, we’re certainly aware of issues that arise along the way both from the industry and player perspectives. We constantly keep in mind why playing is an important part of the human experience to begin with and what the core values in our products are.

With that in mind, our AI efforts are directed towards establishing a sophisticated analytics system in the industry and developing an engine that could be used by other companies in their own pursuit of developing games tailored to their players.

We want to see the industry go forward. And we’re doing our part in pushing it.

Vojislav Milutinović Founder & CEO